Making voice calls

Get the most out of phone calls with Yukai, the next-generation of voice call technologies, designed specifically for the web.

Let people call your business
in a click, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Create the perfect calling experience

Enable clients and prospects to call you seamlessly and get connected to the right agent instantly.

  • Right from the page they're browsing
  • From a mobile, a desktop or a tablet
  • Free of charge, anywhere in the world
  • Calls being automatically routed to the right person

Empower your team with real-time contextual insights

Let agents know what the call is about and who the caller is before they pick up the phone. Yukai collects :

  • Data from the caller's web browser : location, language, device...
  • Data from the page the call was made from : URL, product ID, order ID, customer ID...
  • Campaign & traffic-source data : channel, campaign, keywords...
  • And any other relevant information you might find helpfull

Keep an eye on call metrics to improve performance

Yukai collects and displays valuable call traffic metrics and performance KPIs to help you boost productivity and improve customer service.

  • Analyze call trafic metrics : call volume, missed call rate, peak hour traffic, agent utilisation rate, average queue time...
  • Monitor performance KPIs : average handling time, average speed answer...
  • Use customized call tags to organize data
  • Use filters to analyse KPIs by team, by individual or by specific period of time

Track calls without dynamic phone numbers

Display call buttons instead of phone numbers to track calls exactly the same way you track clicks.

  • Place call buttons into your website and into your marketing campaigns : PPC ads, direct mail, listings, social media, videos, print
  • Answer calls right on desktop at no charge or get them routed to a mobile or a landline
  • Yukai collects highly accurate and user-specific data, allowing visitor-level tracking
  • No more pool of tool-free numbers, nor geographic limitations. Yukai allows you to track global campaigns at scale seamlessly

Let your audience call you at no charge from anywhere in the world

Webcalls are the perfect alternative to international and toll-free numbers.

  • Open as many lines as you wish in seconds
  • Yukai is cost effective and scalable

Build to delight Sales, Marketing
and Customer Support teams


Increase calls leads and conversions and provide a great calling experience to your audience.

  • Enable you customers to call your business seamlessly from any device.
  • Get incoming calls automatically routed according to the call context.
  • Empower your sales team with powerfull real-time insights.
  • Use call metrics, tags and filters to monitor performance.
  • Increase conversions by calling your visitors at the most critical moments of their buying decision.


Wave goodbye to dynamic phone numbers, bridge the attribution and conversion gap, and start scaling your campaigns.

  • Use call links in your marketing campaigns to drive calls from ads mails, social media, videos....
  • Get real-time insights on callers and sources right in your call log.
  • Customize your call log to determine the data you want to collect.
  • Create, use and track as many call links as you wish to scale your campaigns.
  • Calculate the exact value of each campaign, keyword and ad.


Improve efficiency, increase productivity and provide your customers with a delightful user experience.

  • Allow your agents to help more effectively thanks to real-time contextual insights.
  • Provide high quality customer service.
  • Reduce average handle time (AHT).
  • Use call metrics, tags and filters to monitor customer service quality, team performance and agent productivity.

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